Every Child Achieves (ECA) specializes in delivering Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy along with Child Development Services for children ages zero to three funded by the State of California’s Early Start Program. All services are delivered in the natural environment inclusive of home setting, preschool setting, park or similar setting.
Families that are interested in exploring services funded through the State of California’s Early Start Program should contact their local regional center to schedule an evaluation and confirm eligibility.
To locate your local regional center office, go to

Family Centered Services

As a resource of support and information for parents and caregivers, Every Child Achieves helps parents deal positively with their child’s developmental delay. We incorporate the family into all levels of the evaluation, goal setting and intervention sessions. The families are taught through participation how they can help their child maximize their learning and development which, in turn, develops confidence and independence.

We are committed to family empowerment by enhancing family skills in areas such as:

• Problem Solving
• Advocacy
• Information Access

Occupational Therapy

Helping individuals achieve greater independence in all areas of life.

Physical Therapy

Maintaining and restoring maximum movement and functional ability.

Speech Therapy

We strive to help achieve children understand and use words effectively.

Child Development Therapy

Focuses on cognitive development, adaptive skills and more.

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