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Every Child Achieves (ECA) is a leading early intervention agency for nearly 20 years serving Southern California and specializing in delivering the highest caliber Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, & Infant Development Services. Our organization is founded and lead by a family of Pediatric Therapists who are on a mission to change the world one child at a time.
Our unique program is designed to optimize children’s developmental milestones and potential from birth to 3 years of age through an interdisciplinary and routines-based clinical approach with an emphasis on the whole child, the whole family, and empowering parents to reach their fullest potential at the same time as their child. All of our services are delivered in the child’s natural environment inclusive of home-setting, day-care, preschool, parks, and throughout the community.
Every Child Achieves is directly funded by the Early Start Program in California connected to the California Department Of Developmental Services in which we are currently working with six regional centers under the early start funding. All of our new patient referrals and funding come directly from the regional center service coordinator division. At this time, we are only able to provide services through the regional center referral process, so we are not able to assist direct inquiries unless authorization has already been processed in conjunction with our services and availability.

Our six regional centers that we currently support are:

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ECA’s Unique Program

Every Child Achieves is passionate about utilizing a combination of evidence-based research, developmental milestone principles, and a play-based whole child approach to optimizing each child’s potential in their natural environment. Each child’s program is individualized specifically to his/her needs and within the context of his/her family. These individualized programs are based on the understanding that all aspects of development influence and support each other. We make use of a myriad of specific activities to enhance progress in each of the developmental domains, including physical motor abilities, cognition, communication, and social-emotional skills. For a child to reach his/her full potential, all of these areas must interrelate. The child must develop the ability to take in, process, and respond to information from the environment appropriately. Each child’s program will delineate which services are needed to enhance his/her highest level of development. In addition, we focus not just on the child but the entire environment influencing the child’s life inclusive of family, caregivers, siblings, and more. We operate to the best of our ability as an interdisciplinary clinical team in which we empower each specialty care provider to collaborate, co-create, and be part of an integrated clinical delivery model even when sessions occur on an independent basis. We also integrate a “routines-based clinical approach” with the goal that we are optimizing the impact that the family can have with their child on a daily basis. Our approach requires families to be extremely involved, engaged, and bought into being part of the early intervention process.
Our team of over 60 clinical employees bring expertise in which our average clinician has over 10 years of expertise in early intervention, and many bring much more. Our program is also committed to diversity, inclusion, and supporting the needs of bilingual intervention in all the areas surrounding Los Angeles. We have clinical staff members that have been with the company for over 18 years and many of our staff have doctorate degrees. Our program is dedicated to hiring the best of the best and therefore delivering the optimal intervention possible while empowering a change that can transform the world!

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Fredlyn Berger has the full spectrum of practice settings and all ages from premature birth to geriatric level.

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Our programs funding covers comprehensive early intervention services.

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Every Child Achieves is a provider that specializes in delivering services in the child’s natural environment.

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