Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy (PT) focuses on helping individuals develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout life. Physical Therapists are experts in human movement who examine, diagnose movement impairments and treat individuals with conditions that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities.
Physical Therapy is often only perceived as rehabilitation for adults, sports injuries, and broken bones. Pediatric Physical Therapists play an essential role in the development of children by providing treatment for children who have motor skills problems.
Your child might need Physical Therapy to help with developmental delay, a birth defect, chronic illness or an injury. Physical Therapy helps develop the strength and range of motion children need to move through their environment easily and effectively.
Physical Therapy goals often include help with developmental milestones like sitting, standing, crawling and walking.

Is your child experiencing any of the following?

Delayed Milestones:

Infants – rolling, sitting up, crawling, standing walking

Toddlers – climbing stairs, running, jumping, riding a tricycle, galloping, skipping, hopping

Adolescents and older – tripping, frequently loosing balance, difficulty coordinating both  sides of the body for an activity (skipping, riding a bicycle, etc.)


Overall weakness, specific muscle weakness, poor posture, torticollis
Poor strength of abdominals/back muscles
Specific weakness following surgery or casting (broken bones, knee surgery, etc.)
Generalized strengthening

Abnormal Muscle Tone:

Cerebral Palsy Down Syndrome Autism Spectrum Disorder Hypotonia-low muscle tone Hypertonia-high muscle tone

Poor Balance:

Difficulty transitioning between different surfaces Difficulty maintaining balance on uneven surfaces Difficulty maintaining balance to perform skills like hopping, jumping, skipping Orthopedic Abnormalities: (Scoliosis, Club Foot, Hip Dysplasia etc.)
Any of the above examples could be signs that your child could benefit from an Physical Therapy evaluation and/or treatment.

Our Physical Therapy Program offers services for:


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