Our Ideal
Team Members

Every Child Achieves is a home-based interdisciplinary early intervention program so our employment opportunities are ideal for those who:

• bring lots of experience working with children under the age of three
• early intervention clinical expertise
• and thrive in an independent home-based therapeutic setting.

We are always accepting resumes for passionate and purposeful pediatric Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists along with bilingual Developmental Interventionists aka Child Development Specialists. We do have a comprehensive interview process to ensure we are the right fit for the candidate and the candidate is an optimal and ideal fit for our organization.
We understand this is a very unique and niche employment opportunity, and we do make candidates jump through hoops to ensure optimum fit for both the benefit of the employee and Every Child Achieves. There are many therapists in today’s environment that seek out early intervention and home-health opportunities for discretionary income to complement their primary income. Although we completely understand those objectives, we would not be the right fit for someone looking to add additional income to compliment a full-time employment role.
We are ideally seeking employees who would love to develop full caseloads or close to it and want to prioritize their caseload as their predominant income, etc. We have found when Every Child Achieves is the primary employer for our clinical team, there is greater employee buy-in, team collaboration, and the children are cared for at the highest level.
We are an organization that is 100% W-2 employees with an emphasis on primarily full-time employees, however we do also offer part-time employment for those seeking 20 billable hours per week scheduled or greater. It is important to recognize that we will not consider anyone seeking “Independent Contractor” status or a “Per Diem” status.
Our ideal candidates believe in continuity of care, long term work retention, and have a passion for making a difference at the highest level. Our caseloads can often stay with a clinician for over two years; therefore, we are seeking candidates that are comfortable making an 18-month commitment to their caseload or more.
We are in this industry for the right reason and only seeking those that have the utmost calling to make a positive impact at the highest level. We believe that inorder to achieve the greatest impact in our community, we must have a team of purpose-driven individuals that want to co-create with each other.
We invite you to submit our employment form and attach your resume if you would like to be considered for future employment opportunities or you can apply to current openings here: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Every-Child-Achieves