Our Hiring

Every Child Achieves practices a very thorough hiring and onboarding process to ensure optimal fit for both the employee and the organization with the end objective that employees are fulfilled for years to come. Our organization has employees that have been with us since 2003 and our average work retention is over 5 years of employment.
Our multi-step interview process includes several stages. You must be invited to advance to each stage, and you may withdraw from the stage if the employment opportunity is not the right fit.

1. Online Application Process

(completed via Indeed, Website Form, Or Submitting Resume)

2. Email Interview Process

(this step measures your ability to communicate via email, timeliness of responses via email, and ability to follow through with deadline objectives.)

3. Virtual Interview Process

(this step measures your ability to communicate via virtual technology and video web conferencing. It traditionally is a 30-60 minute interview with the Executive Director at Every Child Achieves.)

4. In-person Interview With Human Resources Department

(this step measure your in-person communication skills, ability to relate and professionalism, goal planning capability, and more.)

5. Clinical Documentation Assessment

(this step requires you to submit a clinical writing sample that exemplifies clinical reasoning, writing style, grammar, and more. All patient health information should be removed to protect patient confidentiality)

6. Clinical Observation/Perfomance Awareness Assessment

(this step requires you to participate in a real treatment session where your engagement, involvement, and professionalism are all measured. This provides you with the ability to evaluate your confidence working in the therapeutic environment.)

Once you have completed all stages of the interview process. If you quality for the role and it is a mutual fit, then an employment offer letter will be presented. Upon acceptance of the role, you will be invited to participate in completing employment paperwork, a paid on boarding.


Thank you for applying!

We appreciate your interest in joining our team. Our hiring team will review your application and get back to you soon.