Our Compensation & Benefits Package

Every Child Achieves strives to create one of the most rewarding employment experiences inclusive but not limited to a competitive compensation structure with great earning potential along with a comprehensive benefit package. Please be advised that our most competitive compensation and benefits packages are reserved for full-time employment.


Our compensation structures include both competitive fee for service rates along with time-based pay at a reduced rate for in-direct time spent on the job inclusive of drive-time between consumers, documentation time, scheduling patients, and more. Earning potential for top producers in the Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy disciplines can exceed $100,000 of annual compensation based on productivity. Earning potential for top producers in the Child Development Specialist discipline can exceed $65,000 of annual compensation based on productivity. Please be advised that the figures shared in this description are not a guarantee but an example of what has been achieved by current employees based on high production results.


Our comprehensive benefit package is available for any employee that averages 30 hours per week of total work or greater. We offer comprehensive medical benefits with a multitude of options including up to 90% of the employee premium covered on our base level Kaiser insurance plan and 60% of the employee premium covered on our PPO insurance plan. In addition, we offer vision insurance and dental insurance with a premium contribution percentage by the company.

Paid Time Off:

Our full-time employees benefit from paid time off inclusive of holidays, vacation accrual, sick time accrual, and continuing education time off.

Retirement Benefits:

Every Child Achieves offers a very competitive 401k program that includes discretionary match based on profit sharing. For 3 years in a row, employees participating in this program have reached 100% match dollar for dollar contribution based on the growth of our organization. Our goal is that our retirement program offers exponential benefit to all employees that participate beyond the traditional 3-4% that other organizations offer.

Continuing Education Reimbursement Program:

Our continuing education program includes $500 of annual continuing education for full-time employees plus 2 paid training days. Employees must submit for prior approval and follow the educational exchange requirement to give back to others by either providing an in-service or creating an approval educational resource.