Child Development Therapy

The Child Development Specialist (also known as Early Interventionist or Infant Stimulation) represents a discipline that uses an approach to therapy which encompasses both prevention and intervention. This specialty includes evaluating a child’s developmental status, planning and coordinating an intervention program, providing direct counseling for children and their families, advising parents, and collaborating and consulting with other child service providers.

A Child Development Specialist (CDS) has a background in child development, psychology, education, special education, plus experience with children under 3 years of age, and often a master’s degree in Early Intervention. The CDS works with families to help children achieve skills in a typical developmental order. They are able to assist children in the areas of physical skills, cognitive development, communication, social/emotional skills, and adaptive skills. The CDS helps families learn to manage challenging behaviors and provides developmentally appropriate suggestions for rules and routines.

Our Child Development Specialists create a nurturing and supportive environment to foster children’s capacity to explore and learn. Through games, play, music, art exploration and family education, the Child Development Specialists facilitate the child in reaching his or her highest potential across the 5 developmental areas of cognitive, social, gross motor, fine motor, and language skills.

Is your child experiencing any of the following?

Children that are experiencing the following challenges:

Behavioral issues
Poor attention span and difficulties in focusing
Difficulties with following directions
Listening skills
Comprehension and cognitive challenges
Delayed language skills
Problem-solving skills
Social Skills challenges with communication and interaction
Difficulties with coordination
Body awareness and sensory differences

Parents and families that are experiencing the following challenges:

Parenting insecurities
Difficulties in family dynamic
Difficulties dealing with a special needs child
Struggling to establish healthy routines for the family
Advocacy and resources