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At Every Child Achieves, we are passionate about finding team members that align with our vision, our mission, and those who can reach their fullest potential within our organization. Our employment opportunities are a best fit for those who are passionate about working with babies, infants, and toddlers under the age of three in the natural environment. This is a very niche area of practice, and we are seeking the best of the best to transform the way children under the age of three reach their developmental milestones.
Employee satisfaction is one of our top priorities. ECA offers highly competitive compensation packages, however our goal is that there is fulfillment and exchange in a multitude of ways inclusive of continued learning, independent work environment, overall fulfillment, and professional growth trajectory. We believe in an open-door policy with leadership and seek out positive feedback in ways that can optimize the overall impact the organization can have both internally and externally. Our ideal candidates will be able to tailor their approach to meet the parents’ requirements and incorporate simple, family-friendly therapy into the child’s everyday routines emphasizing every gradient of growth the child and family make on a regular basis.
One of our differentiators within the early intervention community is our commitment to only hiring W-2 employees with a focus on full-time employment to create optimal buy in between staff and their families. In addition, we create an interdisciplinary work environment focused on collaboration, learning, and growth for all we serve! We believe in creating a transparent and authentic commitment to all of our team members in which we offer competitive compensation, transparent growth potential, comprehensive benefits, and a competitive retirement program built on the profit sharing as a result of our organization’s hard work.
Our end goal is to empower a team to co-create with each other, transforming the way early intervention is delivered, and creating one of the most reward employment environments possible. We are a state-funded organization and purpose is the cornerstone for how we operate and the intrinsic motivation that fuels are entire work culture.
Our headquarters is in the heart of North Hollywood, CA and we support 6 primary regional centers throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Our primary staffing areas are San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley, Burbank & Glendale, along with Downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, and South Los Angeles. Our interdisciplinary team primarily works in the home-setting of underserved communities in greater Los Angeles neighborhoods.

We are traditionally hiring for growth, and it can take upwards to 120 days from an employee start date to reach full-time employment status depending on the
clinician’s coverage area.

Our interdisciplinary team include Occupational
Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, and bilingual Early Interventionists / Developmental Interventionists / Child Development Specialists.

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Helping individuals achieve greater independence in all areas of life.

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Maintaining and restoring maximum movement and functional ability.

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We strive to help achieve children understand and use words effectively.

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Focuses on cognitive development, adaptive skills and more.